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Welcome to the Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 3.x E

time has passed since this guide was startet over at the EnWorld-boards, and much work was put into it over the time.
Once hosted at netbook-of-uck.net the domain is down and since no-one seems to be interested in reviving it, I will host the files I got at this place.

The Guid you can find here is version 0.5 of the d20 Version. Thanks to a friendly reader, who reminded me of the wayback-machine, I am now in the possession of the slightly newer version, that was hosted on the original site in HTML-format. It is now converted to this site. The online-guide is an even newer version of the guide with less inconsistencies and clearer rules. Alas, it is not finished.

In addition, I would be very much interested to know, if there are conversions for 4E or any other carnal rules not mentioned on this page or linked to. For anybody, who is interested in putting his own rules on the web: I got enough webspace, as long as your rules do not violate copyrights.

The new 0.6 now comes as odt and pdf files. It is a bit cleaner than the old 0.5 version but a lot of work could be put into it.

Anyone, who would like to contribute to the guide is invited to do so. The following list contains some items, that would need to be addressed:

  • Spells need some cleaning up, reducing the list and merging similar spells.
  • Scenarios, organizations, stories and npcs would be a nice adition.
  • Art is allways welcome.
  • Checking for inconsistencies with the 3.5 Edition
  • Anything else that could be interesting.

DISCLAIMER: This guide contains nudity and explicit sexual pictures and information. You may only download this guide with the consent of your parents or if you are above 18 years of age and feel mature.

The most recent versioncan befound here (includes old web-enhancements):

Guide Version 0.6.0 (pdf, 1627 kb)
Guide Version 0.6.0 (odt, zipped, 1583 kb)
Guide Version 0.5.0 (txt, zipped, 181.26 KB)
Not finished online-version 0.9.0 (HTML)

dwarf99 has put together a guide for the Pathfinder-system and was so kind to allow the download from this site.
He is still expanding the files.

Pathfinder Vices v 1.01(pdf, 720 kb)

In addition dwarf99 has compiled a campaign setting for his rules: Shards of Eros v 1.01(pdf, 1759 kb)

The wild magic tables will be part of the final guide, too:

Carnal wild magic tables (rtf, zipped, 40 kb)

At last, you can download the first edited content of the Guide, or what we thought it to be.

Endversion 1 (doc, zipped, 81 kb (spells and feats))

Have Fun