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It has been said, that the "Internet is for Porn". While I would not agree to all the implications, it is surely true, that you do not have to look too hard to find nudity and carnal acts in all thinkable and unthinkable kinds on display on the web.
Well, you are here and that implies, that you are no prude and have seen your share of it.
The following links are not ment to be a listing of every nouance of porn found on the web, but a collection of pages, that either have influenced the guide or could have been influenced by it, i.e. stories and comics with strong fantasy elements.
These pages are not work-save (just that you have been warned)

Blooming Faeries
Faeries do a bit of sex magic on different persons. Nice examples for the DM.

Chester 5000 XYV
A rather straight-forward comic with a steampunk background. Chester 5000 XYV is a robot, that was constructed as a stand in. Lots of carnal acts.

Collar 6
Shiny S&M with some kind of submissive/ dominant-Magic. Rather tame on the carnal side.

Rather strange world-spanning lesbian adventures.

Horror and fantasy sex, with or without sound.

Demon Candy: Parallel
It has the queen of the succubi, demons, angels and Bondage. Not much carnal though.

DNDWiki: Sex (DnD Variant Rule)
Some basic rule.

Some nicely drawn carnal comics, but most are payed-registration only.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic
Heretical, funny, with some Anti-Tentacle-Pron. You have to read it. In a sense a classic amongst the pron-web-comics.

Hentai RPG
Rules for a hentai rpg

Naked Blades
A story-archive. We had some comunication going on with some guys form the Naked Blades site, concerning some stronger elements of the guide. Great stories, great art.

Naughty Dice
Small pdf with a view rules

Nic Buxom
Real live dominatrix Nic Buxom draws her experience. Rather interesting.

Very fantasy with sorceresses (is that correct?), demons, kobolds etc. Quite funny.

After getting used to the constant nakedness, it is not very erotic, but still fun to read.

Race Cultures - Romance & Sexuality (3.5e Other)
Some thoughts about the races.

A more mature guide to romance and all the stuff surrounding sex.

Sexy Losers
A bit of a stretch here, with sexy losers having not many fantasy elements, but hey, there is a fairy and an undead. These strips range from mild to realy hardcore with a big urgh in the throat. If you are easyly offended (i.e. you are into pron but have issues with some darker sides of it): Do Not Go There.
All others: Have Fun.
The Thin H Lin can be considered as the heir to Sex Losers and can be found under the following addresse: Thin H Line 1, Thin H Line 1

One of the best BDSM-comics out there. It is more about the people than the carnal part and it is not fantasy or science fiction, but the artist is Nebezial.

The Devil Bear
More evil fun than sex.

The Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vampire Willow
If you don't know Buffy ... well, the fun will be a little lessened. For all ohters: It's Buffy, and the vampire Willow from another dimension that made the good willow think about lesbianism.