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Chapter 4 - Example Encounter


here's what I did. I grabbed the NPC generator online, and rolled up two level three characters. THEN, I traded the most out-of-character skill selection for Prowess on a one-for-one rank value trade.

I decided to do a quick run through, not trying to go till anyone passes out and not stopping at one male climax. (I decided to make the man nice enough to finish off his ladylove before passing out.)

So without further ado, I give you the Play by play of the new rules. (I believe that I used the right tables, but feel free to point out any mistakes that I may have made, after all this is the first time I've used these rules...)(Oh, and I get pretty graphic here, hey, I'm trying to just have fun. Don't read if you might be offended.) Rolls that did not change mental states are a little glossed over, but too many details would kill the flow...


ANYA - 3rd level Sorceress STR 12, DEX 9, CON 11, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 15. Pertinent saves and skills: Fortitude save: +1, Will save: +3, Prowess Check: +5 (3 ranks plus 2 for stat) Masturbation, female, Fellatio, Missionary. Oh, and female, duh...

LAUTER - 3rd Level Rogue STR 8, DEX 16, CON 13, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 12. Pertinent saves and skills: Fortitude save: +2, Will save: +3, Prowess Check: +7 (6 ranks plus 1 for stat) Masturbation, male, Caress, breasts, Cunnilingus, Missionary, Rear, Riding. Oh, and Male.... duh....

Our Story Thus Far: Anya and Lauter are members of an adventuring party, and a little bit more to boot. After a long day's journey, they arrive at a small villiage where they immediately seek out the nearest inn. They spend several hours carousing, and whispering sweet nothings to each other while the rest of the party looks on with some amusement. During this partying, they both become HORNY, and retire upstairs to their rented room......

Round 1: Anya and Lauter fall into bed after rapidly undressing. They reach out to stimulate each other, Lauter concentrating on Anya's breasts, while Anya strokes more generally. (On their prowess checks, both characters roll 5's; an interesting coincidence. Lauter's modified result is a 13, which is not enough to do anything for Anya. Anya's result is a paltry 5,
which is not enough to stimulate Lauter either.) The two lovers are just warming up, taking their time.

Round 2: Continuing on with the gentle caresses, Anya and Lauter stroke along exposed flesh with the same motions as before. (This time the two rolls come up as 17's! Coincidences abound in this example... Lauter's result of 24 is more than enough to physically arouse Anya and JUST missed peaking her. Anya's result of 17 is also sucessful, causing Lauter to spring to attention. Neither chooses to make the save against the result, since they are enjoying the moment.) The two become more intimate with their caresses, and they realize that it is time to move on to other activities.

Round 3:Lauter slips down along Anya's body, and presses his lips against her pussy. To his surprise, she flips around and begins to give as good as she gets to him! (Both make their checks for oral sex. Since they both have the specialization, they get to use their full skills. Lauter rolls a 10, added to his 7 skill, which just misses peaking Anya at a total of 17. Anya on the other hand rolls a 16! Added to her skill of 5, the impressive 21 result will peak Lauter! Lauter attempts the save, since he doesn't want to quit quite so soon. He rolls a 16, added to his save bonus of +2 for a total of 18 and so remains aroused.) Anya and Lauter love each other orally, and a sudden fit of inspiration strikes Anya. Her ministrations on Lauter's member cause him to become terribly exited, but he chokes back the feelings, trying to concentrate
on pleasing her.

Round 4: The oral sex continues, with the two lovers becoming more and more excited. (Impressive rolling again for both the characters. Lauter rolls an 11, added to his skill, which results in a score of 18. This is more than enough to peak Anya. Anya rolls a 17! Added to her skill of 5, this 21 result is enough to again cause Lauter to become more excited. His save of 11 is insufficient, and he too is trembling on the edge.) Anya and Lauter skillfully bring each other near to the edge.

Round 5: Unable to wait any longer, Lauter lays Anya down, and spreads her legs. He slips himself inside her, and begins to make love to her in earnest. (Missionary checks for both of the characters. Lauter's total of 25 sends Anya into spasms of pleasure, but a lousy roll of 4 for extended orgasm merely gives her a ten second high. Anya chooses not to make a save. She suffers one point of temporary wisdom damage and is now Fatigued. Anya, spasming around Lauter, rolls a 7, which added to her skill of 5 is not enough to get him off.) Lauter clasps Anya to him and fills her, causing her to reach ecstasy. He continues to screw her through her orgasm, seeking release himself.

Round 6. Looking for a change of position (and to cool off a little) Lauter and Anya change to the rear entry position. Lauter takes a firm grasp on Anya's hips, and takes her. (Rear position check. In this position, Lauter has a bonus, but Anya does not. The rolls are pretty mediocre, with Lauter rolling a 2, which doesn't come close to peaking Anya, especially with the fatigued penalty. Anya's roll is a 4, which merely maintains Lauter's peaked status.) The change of position cools off the two lovers a little, but they continue to screw in earnest, despite the sweat now running down Anya's body.

Round 7: Lauter runs his hands across Anya's body as he grinds himself into her. Anya in turn, pushes back against Lauter, trying to make him feel as good as he is making her feel. (The rolls this time are a NAT 20! for Lauter which added to his score of 7 is JUST short
of making Anya come instantly! Anya doesn't try to save, wrapped up in the moment. Anya's roll is a pathetic 7, which doesn't help Lauter's arousal at all....) Lauter's lovemaking brings Anya extremely close to the edge, breathing heavily and shaking slightly.

Round 8: Wanting to pleasure Lauter, Anya flips over again, and pulls Lauter down on her. Unable to resist, and why would he want to... Lauter takes her again, kissing Anya deeply as they merge. (Missionary checks for both. Lauter rolls a 15, which added to his skill for a score of 22, brings off Anya despite her tired body. Anya doesn't bother saving, and suffers a second point of temporary wisdom damage. The follow up roll is another pathetic roll of 3 so the result is a quick ten-second orgasm. This is only her second orgasm, so she is nowhere near exhaustion. Anya in turn, rolls an 11, which is just short of triggering Lauter's orgasm.) Thrusting and panting, Anya screams as she comes again around Lauter. The feelings in Lauter are mounting, but he holds himself in check, trying to stimulate his lover even more.

Round 9: The sex continues with the two in missionary position. (The roll for Lauter is 17, which peaks Anya AGAIN! Anya's roll of 3 doesn't do anything for Lauter.) The two move against each other hard and fast. Anya is amazed to find herself nearing yet another peak under Lauter's skillful lovemaking.

Round 10: Lauter pulls Anya tightly against him as he thrusts harder, trying to find his own release. (Lauter rolls another 17, drawing out another orgasm from Anya's body. Reveling in the sensations, Anya again declines the save, and suffers another point of wisdom damage. (Now at 7) However, another shitty roll of a 1 for follow-up ensures that it is only a quick one... Anya comes back with a 10 added to her skill, which is close, but not quite enough to set Lauter off.) Anya pulls Lauter into her, loving the feel of his body against hers. She shudders against him, urging him on.

Round 11: Unable to take any more, Lauter slams himself deeply into Anya, seeking his own release inside her. (Lauter rolls a 4, which doesn't affect Anya, other to maintain her Arousal. Anya, this time rolls a 15, added to her skill of 5, resulting in a total of 20! This is enough to get Lauter off. Lauter makes a save, trying to hold himself back, but with a paltry roll of 9, is unable to do so. He suffers a point of wisdom damage, and is now in recovery. He is not fatigued, however.) Lauter slams himself home, and shoots his seed into Anya's clasping depths. For her own part, Anya smiles as she brings Lauter off.

Round 12: Breathing heavily, Lauter Flops off Anya. He can tell that she is still ready for more, however, and with a wink drops down to lap at her once again. (Lauter's cunnilingus check is a 14, which is enough to stimulate Anya to peaked once again. For her part, Anya tries to stimulate Lauter by stroking his shoulders, etc. Her roll of 8 doesn't do anything,
especially considering the -8 penalty....) Lauter's eager tongue causes Anya to twitch once again, near the edge.

Round 13: Lauter continues his ministrations on his lover, delighting at her taste. (Another rolls by Lauter, this one a 25 total! Again, Anya is sent into spasms. Shitty rolling again ensures that the orgasm lasts only one round.... She declines the save, and takes a last point of wisdom damage (now 6...) Anya's return check is a 13, but as Lauter is still in recovery, it has no effect.) Anya nearly crushes Lauter's head between her legs as a final orgasm rips through her body. Panting, she lies back on the bed.

Round 14: The two lovers lie together, delighting in the feelings of lovemaking. (Pregnancy check made using the old rules. Lauter rolls an 18! Uh-oh, adding his con bonus, it results in a 19. That means that there is a possibility of knocking up Anya. Anya fortunately rolls a 1, which means that no conception has taken place according to the old rules.) They catch some sleep, before heading out the next morning for another day of dungeon crawling....

As far as Lauter was concerned, it was a satisfactory encounter. (1 gratification point.)
Anya however, is feeling the results of a memorable encounter (4 gratification points. Her reactions to Lauter will be improved by one positive attitude level.) She delights in the feelings that her handsome rogue has brought her, and reflects on how nice it is to be with him...

That's about it. Any problems with it let me know. 1st time through, but I think it was pretty good....

I'll do others if you guys want...