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Introduction - Welcome

The d20 Conversion of the Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. A hefty title, and an equally large task to do it justice. The fruit of many arduous seasons, the full mechanics below, is here for your perusal and ponderage.

My most heartfelt thanks go to the contributors at the EnWorld forums who have helped the Guide along; they have done so with no promise of reward but with a dedication and determination that impresses me still.

I’d also like to accredit you, the reader, for taking the time to enjoy the Guide so far. If you have enjoyed our work, visit www.netbook-of-uck.net or our fourth development forum at enworld.cyberstreet.com for a chance to contribute something of your own. The most exciting and enjoyable parts of the Guide are yet to be pieced together, and any help is warmly received.


Death By Surfeit, on behalf of VVrayven, Sorn, Alzrius, Brevdravis, Asher, Kolvar, Bastoche, Gez, Anabsterconian, Loren et al.

July 2003