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Chapter 9: Racial Notes

Archons and other Lawful Good type outsiders have little or no sense of the erotic but have a strong urge to love, generally being supportive, kind, and uplifting. Since physical form matters more than the physical form of those they love, their love is spread equally among all genders, meaning that all Archons are bisexual in a sense.

The sexuality of beholders is almost as alien as everything else about them. Beholders have very little sexual drive, save for a periodic overpowering urge to procreate that happens at irregular points in their lives. Being androgynous, they fulfil this urge with another beholder whom they find "worthy" (with worthiness being whatever their ego permits), resulting in a bizarre and disgusting mating that leaves both creatures pregnant with three to six young each, who are born live. While a beholder can self-impregnante, most do not unless another beholder is unavailable. In beholder society, the first birthing is a mark of adulthood. Beholders have very little understanding of the sexual characteristics of virtually every race besides their own.

Bugbears have the strongest sex drive of any known humanoid species; they usually sublimate this urge in to violent behavior, which is encouraged by their culture. However, attractive bugbears throw this to the winds and either attract large harems of lovers or become prostitutes. They are not picky and are aggressive when it comes to sex.

Centaurs go through a rutting season in the summer in which all members of the species become focused on sex and become extremely emotional. This often results in spontaneous contests of strength and skill to prove their worth to a prospective mate - Rarely these bouts result in serious injury or death. Centaurs usually are casual about sex and switch partners often, but usually settle down and learn to control their urges - usually after the eighth or ninth mouth to feed has been born.

Daemons and other Neutral Evil type outsiders are fell, morbid creatures who are incapable of empathy or love for another and view others as tools or toys to manipulate for their own ends. During sex they care only for their own pleasure and will discard a lover (often permanently or fatally) as soon as they are no longer a thrill to screw.

Demons and other Chaotic Evil type outsiders are passionate and energetic in their love affairs (which usually end in a bloody fight to the death) and in their sex (which usually results in serious injury to both parties.) The concept of perversion doesn’t apply to them, as they have no sexual inhibitions whatsoever - If they enjoy it, they do it. They enjoy imposing themselves on lesser races but rarely return for the child should one be born.

Devils and other Lawful Evil type outsiders usually have strict codes regarding sexual practice that they follow to the letter - until it is convenient to break them. Although they are supposed to mate only within their own species, frequently they will mate with a mortal and use the child as a pawn in some greater scheme to power. Most of these species can only really enjoy sex in which their partner is helpless and theirs to command, as it titillates their immense desire for power and authority to be used corruptly.

Djinn are freewheeling hedonists who view both genders as equals, are usually bisexual, and are xenophilic, enjoying mating with other species. Djinn do not discard lovers but collect them, relationships growing together in ever more complex ways. Djinn have intuitive knowledge of how to best use their Dexterity for pleasure.

Most dragons, due to their incredible life spans, mate only very rarely, either by choice or by chance. Dragons typically spawn offspring every one or two centuries, laying an egg that will hatch in 24 to 36 months, depending on the subtype of dragon.

Dragons, Black:
Black dragons’ sexual rituals resemble those of crocodiles. Mating takes place during the wet season of the year, when the males search for a female for up to three months. A long, protracted seduction occurs should he find one. After several days of courtship, the female, if willing, succumbs to the male’s advances. Those rare cases of half-black-dragons usually occur when a female rejects a male, leaving him desperately frustrated. After mating the male leaves and never helps to raise the young. The female lays up to five eggs, most of which will never hatch, and guards them ferociously until the young can fend for themselves. She then abandons them.

Dragons, Blue:
Blue dragons are dedicated and are the only evil dragons that mate for life. In rare cases, blues will have a non-dragon as a mate but are just as loyal. Love and affection are hard concepts for them, and their relationships are built on respect instead, leading to stable, businesslike relationships. Blue dragons lay one or two eggs and care for their out of a sense of duty, not love. As soon as the young are mature they are driven from the home.

Dragons, Brass:
Brass dragons love nothing more than a good conversationalist, preferably one that can talk for a full day without rest. At this point a brass dragon will turn the conversation to more risqué topics, their way of inviting a coupling, and will continue talking for a few hours before losing control and having wild, explosive sex with their mate. They do not engage in foreplay, except for their continually more lewd conversation. Brass dragons are the only dragons known to kiss in their natural form.

Dragons, Bronze:
Bronze dragons are not very sexual creatures, but are curious and enjoy new experiences. They do not mate frequently but rarely do so in the same way twice, enjoying fooling with various animal species using their Polymorph Self and Speak With Animals abilities. They do not mate for life, but drift apart slowly until both mates simply lose interest in each other. They don’t forget their lovers, however, and remain good friends.

Dragons, Copper:
Copper dragons, as fits their nature, love children. They enjoy nothing more than to play with their offspring and raise them dotingly. Copper dragons join in permanent mated pairs more than any other. Sex is important to copper dragon couples as both a game and to express love. Since they are a very fertile species, it is no surprise that they have strong family bonds. These ties are so strong that copper dragons will tolerate overlapping territory should the interloper be family. Unlike other dragons, they have no problems with same sex relationships and are homosexual about as often as humans.

Dragons, Gold:
Gold dragons mate out of love, not lust, as they have strong emotions but very little sex drive. Everything involved from the moment of conception to the time when the hatchling is expelled from the nest is planned out ahead of time by the parents. Gold dragons mate 200 years apart and take up to five years to plan it out, and they lay only a single egg at a time. Gold dragons generally never breed with anything besides a gold dragon, but occasionally they will give themselves to a besotted adventurer as a reward for a service if they are forced to by their honor.

Dragons, Green:
Green dragons are the least family oriented of all dragons, mating on a whim without ever considering the consequences. When a female green is in heat she releases a pheromone that causes all male greens within ten miles to become Lustful and seek her out - If she uses her breath weapon while in heat the range increases to twenty miles. They lay two to four eggs in a hidden area and abandon them to fate.

Dragons, Red:
Red dragons use sex as a way to increase their power. Their mates are usually other reds, and relationships are formed as a partnership to achieve their individual goals. Offspring are seen as servants created to do their bidding. Sex is a rough, barbaric affair where both genders are aggressive, injuries common, and death not unheard of.
Reds will mate with several species of creatures in experiments to find suitable servants, raping the victim and abducting them until they bear young, or kill them outright if the dragon is female. Giving birth to a half dragon usually kills the mother, but if it doesn’t the draconic parent will. The children will be dominated in to serving the parent and will be removed as soon as they are no longer useful, but occasionally a child will flee or even attempt to slay their parent.

Dragons, Silver:
Silvers are driven by their emotions, and sex is an expression of love for them. They mate for life, and care not for the species of their mate. They can spend hours engaged in foreplay with their mate, and are very sexual with their lovers. Promiscuous ones enjoy sampling the love of as many different species as they can. Family members keep in touch but roam far, but if one of the parents is not a dragon it’s common for several of the hatchlings to stick around the nest longer than usual. Silver dragons treat their mate, regardless of their species, as an equal.

Dragons, White:
Whites, unlike other dragons, are bestial, and their sexuality reflects this. They go in to heat once a year, which lasts for one week. During that time, they try to seek out another white dragon, but will mate with anything they see if no other whites are found. The female will lay a brood of six to eight eggs, which she will raise alone. Perhaps one or two hatchlings will survive to adulthood, but most will be devoured by a sibling or one of the many powerful predators of the north.

Driders have no sexuality to speak of, and lack sexual organs. Whatever passion they once placed on sex is now placed on hatred of themselves, hatred of the species that cast them out, and hatred of life itself.

Dryads are flighty and flirty, but rarely mate. When they are attracted to a creature (which is extremely rare) they usually Charm it and spend a year or five making explosive, passionate, sweaty love to it. Then, they get bored of it and send it home, leaving it very confused. Dryads are generally heterosexual and are most often attracted to human or elven males.

Dwarves are conservative in their sexual habits and generally remain virginal until marriage and faithful afterwards. However, they have active libidos and love dirty jokes, etchings, and song. As they grow older, they lose more and more of their inhibitions and generally become very dirty old men and women. One important part of the sexual culture of dwarves is homosexuality; since dwarven females are somewhat rare, homosexuality is a frequent occurence. However, this is more often than not in the form of platonic relationships between master and apprentice or mentor and student.

Dwarves, Derro:
Derro are fantastically sadistic creatures with an incredibly magic centered sexuality, caring more about their mates magical skill than anything else. No Derro will happily mate with a Derro who cannot use magic. Essentially all Derro are sadomasochistic, due to both genetics and culture, and sexually active ones tend to bear many, many scars acquired in their bloody couplings.

Dwarves, Duergar:
Worshipping a deity of constant toil drains all passion and sexuality out of the Duergar. They are incapable of enjoying sex but disgustedly go through it once a year with government appointed mates to "do their duty to Laduguer." Duergar should generally be forbidden from taking the Sexual Prowess skill.

Efreet are cruel creatures with patriarchal sexuality. They enjoy collecting large harems of sex slaves and raping them until they enjoy it. Few things inspire more hatred in an Efreet than a sex slave, escaped and defiant, does.

Eladrin and other Chaotic Good type outsiders are creatures of passionate, freedom, and emotion. Because of this, they tend to be promiscuous and sexual, reveling in various sexual practices. Additionally, eladrin don't ever discard a lover - Whether you were their partner a week ago or a decade ago means nothing to the loyalty of an eladrin, who will go to great efforts to protect those it cares about.

Most creatures with the Elemental descriptor have no sexuality of any kind, existing for the mere purpose of existing. New elementals are spontaneously formed from the raw matter of their home plane or through magical rituals.

Elves are passionate, sexual creatures who place love and art above almost everything else. After reaching puberty, all sub-races go through a long period of self-discovery lasting about twenty-five years in which they explore essentially all sexual kinks and sleep with anyone or anything willing (called the Blooming) but they eventually settle down. Although elves make love a great deal, they usually do so in normal ways, with perversions being rare. Elves have no taboos against divorce but almost always marry for life. It is also worth noting that all elves’ ears are about as sexually sensitive as breasts, and a great deal of elven foreplay centers around them. One intimate greeting among elves is rubbing ears.

Elves, Drow:
Drow have a matriarchal sexual culture, so much so that their norm for sexuality is bondage and domination of the males by the females. Treating your lover as an equal is considered a gross perversion bordering on blasphemy against Lloth. Lesbianism is common, even encouraged, but active gay males are usually executed. Despite this many males become homosexual emotionally out of a need for any sort of emotional bond in the harsh world of the Drow. Drow have healthy homosexual relationships but heterosexual ones usually collapse under immense societal pressures.

Formians and other Lawful Neutral type outsiders generally have very little sexuality, viewing it as a distraction to the tenets of order and duty. Those that do have sex tend to only be comfortable mating in situations completely approved by their culture. Formians specifically only have two mating castes - The Queen and her Myrmarchs, who breed once a month in a rather messy ritual to ensure her continued fertility for the coming days.

Gargoyles enjoy torturing things. If the most effective method to torture a creature is to rape it horribly, they do so. When they mate with each other, however, they do so passionately and for a long time, taking great pleasure in the act. All Gargoyles are bisexual, and frequently have pygmalionism.

While it would seem that Giants are too varied to be classified together, this is not the case. All giants are patriarchal and have a subdued sexuality. They mate in pairs and are virtually never homosexual. Their relationships tend to be extremely enduring and faithful.

Gnolls have a powerfully matriarchal sexuality and don’t have a sexual culture because they don’t have any culture. Homosexuality is punished by death except for the alpha female, who can sleep with whoever and whatever she wants. They mate violently and frequently, enjoying imposing themselves on weaker species, often raping victims to death before devouring the corpse.
Gnolls have an explosively intense competition for breeding. It is so fierce that female gnolls have evolved to be all but indistinguishable from males, with a fused labia that resemble a scrotum and a clitoris formed exactly like a penis, so that they could impose their dominance on other males through the mounting ritual. This competition is so fierce that within hours of their birth siblings of like sex from a litter will fight to the death to improve their odds of breeding.

Gnomes are different from many species in that their two genders are almost identical, in both temperament and ability, and that their birthrates are atrociously low. When two gnomes decide to have a child it will usually take weeks before the woman becomes pregnant. Gnomes have a very explorative sexuality. They look at mates as puzzles to be understood, at courtship as the first time the puzzle is solved, and at married life as the process of watching the puzzle change. They are very open minded towards what other species call perversions, and a gnome couple rarely repeats the same sexual position twice in one year. Homosexuality is extremely rare among gnomes and is viewed with a hesitant tolerance.
Svirfneblin are almost identical, but their Change Self ability requires that a mated pair have a secret code word that they use to ensure that they are with whom they think they are with, and not a jealous interloper hiding their face.

Goblins breed and mate unceasingly. With a short gestation period and frequent ovulation, the reproductive rate of goblins is astonishing. Since males are completely dominant, they mate whenever they want - all of the women in a tribe could be pregnant at any given time. Homosexuality isn’t common but is generally ignored. Goblins can force themselves on any goblins beneath them on the pecking order without worry, and as far as straight goblins are concerned it only increases their chances of having children. Lesbians are generally treated the same as straight women.

Being blind, Grimlocks are not attracted by the shape of a creatures body or what they look like, but rather what they smell and sound like. When they can, they brew fine perfumes to improve their scent and carefully tone their voices by singing. Of course, their aesthetic standards are different from most humanoids, and to them, other humanoids smell horrid and sound like screechy weasels - One of the reasons for their intense xenophobia.

Guardinals have little in the way of sexuality, being more concerned with the propagation of justice, truth, and happiness than physical pleasure. In fact, they are incapable of creating children. How they reproduce is something of a mystery, but the most common theory is that they create new Guardinals from the petitioners of their plane, using secret rituals to call to powers of benevolence higher than the gods. Those who attempt to discover these rituals are usually thrown out of the upper planes on their ear.

Hags of all sorts primarily use sex as a cruel joke to play on hapless males, with reproduction being a distant second. Hags are disgusted by homoeroticism, and never engage in it, even with other members of their covey. Annis and green hags use their natural powers to disguise themselves as beautiful maidens and seduce men they can get alone. Shortly after copulating, they reveal their true guise, delighting in their victims horror before they kill (and usually devour) them. Sea hags, being unable to change their appearance, are noted for brutally capturing sailors and horribly forcing themselves on them. Pregnant hags always give birth to female children, that look like normal human girls. Hags secretly switch their own children with those of normal women, killing the helpless human child and abandoning their own to the unsuspecting human parents. The hag child tends to horribly metamorph into a hag during her late teenage years.

Halflings, Lightfoot:
All sub-races of halflings treat both genders equally, like humans and usually spend their adolescence in passionate courtship’s that start and end explosively. They usually attempt (and fail) to keep them secret. As they age, they grow less lustful but more passionate. Lightfoots, unlike humans, instinctively mate for life and stick by their mates for good even when they drive each other crazy.

Halflings, Tallfellow:
Tallfellows do not form mating pairs - They have no marriage customs. They have cooler emotions than other species, and so while their couplings are less passionate, they deal with break ups very well.

Halflings, Deep:
Deep halflings are sexually identical to lightfoots in many ways, but often have a fetish for gems of for stonework, and are unable to become aroused without their presence. Whether their culture stems from this or this from their culture is not known.

Half orcs have a human’s flexibility, but gain the best of their orcish ancestors animal magnetism. They usually have a very strong sex drive, but given the usual nature of their conception, some half-orcs give up on the idea altogether.

Harpy’s take enormous joy in tormenting lesser creatures, but they keep this separate from their sex. They have elaborate mating rituals, which involve very difficult performances, and only the very best male gets to mate. As a result, homosexuality is common among the males but rare among the females.

Hobgoblins are tough and militaristic, even during sex. Sex is meant to be slightly painful for all involved - If you can’t take it, they say, you don’t deserve it. Additionally, they care little for any sort of aesthetics when choosing a mate. They care only about martial prowess. The most arousing thing a hobgoblin can experience is to be soundly thrashed in a duel by a creature they are capable of desiring.

Homunculi are constructs, and normally have no sexuality. As a partial extension of their creator, though, they tend to have a sexual outlook not unlike his. Restrained masters form sexless homunculi, and freewheeling ones form lewd, sexual homunculi. If the creator desires, they may be suitable partners for sexual practice, but few mages are this desperate. Among magical circles this is considered a form of masturbation.

In the context of sexuality, very little can be applied to humans as a species. Some are erotic, some are chaste, some are straight, some are gay, some are conservative, some are perverted. The best and worst of all things sexual are found in humans.

Kobolds are matriarchal and have females as the dominant sex. They enjoy inflicting minor pain during sex, and are strongly attracted to sorcerers. Unfortunately for them, kobold sorcerers tend to be asexual and incapable of enjoying sex, and thus eventually wind up obliterating their suitors out of sheer annoyance. Most sorcerer lines don’t continue until their latest member concedes the necessity of mating.

Kuo-Toa don’t mate or have a sexuality - The females lay their eggs and the men fertilize them simply because they know they should. Mammal sex is considered an abomination and is one of the reasons they hate surface dwellers.

Lillends take as much satisfaction in the art of love as in any other art and usually have 10 ranks of Prowess in lieu of one Perform skill. They have a universal sexuality.

Lizardfolk are asexual except for nights of the full moon, when they turn in to raving sex maniacs and gain ten virtual ranks of Prowess, as well as the condition Lustful towards all creatures. They do not have relationships, but they rarely have any strong emotions anyway. They lay eggs and raise their children communally.

Locathah do not have a sexuality. They lay eggs and fertilize them regularly, but they derive no satisfaction or pleasure from the act. Babies hatch looking like fish and metamorphose in to their humanoid form over time.

Medusae are interesting creatures. Since only one in every 10,000 or so medusae are male, the only respite for the medusae (which are actually quite sexual) are either lesbianism or xenophilia. They frequently mate with non-medusae while in disguise, and upon their lover’s orgasm, turn him to stone for later use. They frequently go slightly insane and forget the difference between living and stone lovers, and have been known to fall desperately in love with inanimate statues.

Merfolk are usually not very sexual creatures, but when aroused it’s all they think about. They enjoy making love while riding the waves like dolphins or on beaches. They give live birth, like dolphins, despite having fishy scales. Homosexuality is about as common as it is in humans and about as well tolerated. They have little self-control, and will steal away land dwellers that titillate them, taking them to a remote island and refusing to return them before they make love.

Mind Flayers:
Mind Flayers are usually asexual creatures who occasionally spawn tadpoles that transform other humanoids in to Mind Flayers through a process called ceremorphosis. In this process, the host’s brain and head are devoured and replaced by the tadpole, which grafts itself on to the stump and mutates the body in to an illithid. Because of this, they have no sexuality. However, a subculture of Mind Flayers find that sensing the sexuality of other species awakens a long sleeping hungers within them that they cannot feed. Members of this subculture force their thralls to mate with each other, or pleasure them themselves, to vicariously experience their emotions and sensations. Other mind flayers view this subculture with the same disgust most humans would have for a group of people who have sex with, say, chickens, or sheep.

Minotaurs are sexually aggressive creatures who care greatly about reproducing and get in to explosive fights to prove their worth to a lover, fights that rarely kill but don’t end until one competitor stops moving. Both genders will fight over an appealing mate like this. Homosexual minotaurs are generally exiled. Minotaurs are aggressive in sex.

Nymphs and Satyrs:
Nymphs and Satyrs are yin and yang to each other. While the nymph embodies feminine sexuality - beautiful, graceful, selective, and emotional - the satyr embodies masculine sexuality - riotous, promiscuous, intense, and not picky. Making love to either is an unforgettable experience as they gain a +10 racial bonus to all Sexual Prowess rolls.

Nymphs are extremely discriminating, and winning one’s love is nigh impossible. Because of this, most couplings with a nymph are, tragically, rapes. However, once a nymph does fall is love, it is forever. A nymph betrayed by her true love will surely waste away - But not before extracting a horrid revenge. When they do mate, they drag it out for hours, and they are so delightful that their lovers become addicted. This gives nymphs great influence. It should be noted that when a nymph couples with a humanoid, her form turns to the species of her lover - This can be a great surprise to adventurers who discover a nymph of dwarven or reptilian form.

Satyrs are sexually insatiable and will rut with anything, including all humanoids and goats, fairies, and dryads. They are particularly insatiable after their festivals to the god of wine, and will carry off women of all species while in this state, returning them in very befuddled and pleasured condition. Their most favored targets are nymphs, however, and they will go to any length in trickery or romance to win one over or mate with one. While they stop short of violent rape, frustrated satyrs are not past stealing upon a nymph in her sleep. Even if they should seduce one, though, a relationship does not last long.

Satyr are incredibly potent and are always Horny, and are instantly ready for action again after orgasm. If they can, they will mate for hours or days at a time. They find the idea of gay men abhorrent and react to revealed gays with a miffed, disgusted demeanor, but, of course, have absolutely no problem with lesbians.
Satyr and nymphs breed true, producing new satyrs or nymphs depending on the gender of the child. Pregnancy is long and dangerous for nymphs, increasing their reluctance to mate.

Ogres have little sex drive, being too dull and aggressive to focus on it, but once every three months females go in to heat and search out males to mate with. Males smelling the pheremones become Lustful and have wild, sweaty sex with the female.

Orcs are Darwinian creatures who care more about achieving immortality through their offspring than anything else. Only strong, charismatic orcs get to mate as other orcs are refused by the best orcs and each other - no orc, not even a weak one, will accept a weak mate. Female orcs have as much say in whom they mate with as the males, reveling in their power to create life, but tend to collect in harems of specific orcs despite this since they are not possessive.

Planetouched, Aasimars
Aasimars tend to have the same view towards sexuality as their dominant mortal bloodline does. They are influenced by their planar ancestor's heritage though. Aasimars of Archon descent tend not to place much importance on sexual urges as on love. They usually aren't comfortable with sexual acts that seem beyond what are "common" for an area. Those with Eladrin blood tend to feel that sexuality is something to be enjoyed as another part of life, being bisexual often, and often move in and out of casual relationships easily. They never try to hurt anyone by "using" them though, and remain friends with their old lovers. Aasimars with Guardinal blood tend not to be very sexual, but more out of a lack of desire than any taboos. They can be led to enjoy certain sexual practices, but they tend not to take the initiative in any sexual situations.

Planetouched, Tieflings:
Tieflings adhere to the sexuality of their parent species, be it orc, elf, or human. They do inherit some of the traits of their fiendish ancestry - Devilish ones are only comfortable in a dominant position and enjoy binding their lovers, demonic ones being sexually aggressive, bisexual, and hard to satisfy, and those with daemonic blood having difficulty forming real relationships. Also, they often suffer from sexual exploitation due to prejudice against them, and are typically forced in to prostitution in urban environments. Tieflings have intuitive knowledge of how to best use their dexterity for pleasure.

Rakshasa are evil, malevolent spirits with no shred of love within them. Despite this they do have gender and sexuality, if only, it seems, so that they could experience every aspect of a decadent lifestyle. They enjoy collecting large harems of sex slaves and abusing them fearfully, as well as leaving captives in a sexually suggestive state so as to frazzle their nerves.

The sahuagin are asexual, like Kuo-Toa and Locathah. However, sex is and important part of their culture because of the reoccurring mutation in sahuagin called malenti. A Malenti (a sahuagin that is identical in appearance and voice to an aquatic elf) is hatched occasionally when a sahuagin settlement is close to a aquatic elf settlement. Malenti are sterile, and are usually killed at birth, but some are raised as spies. They are disliked and not trusted by most sahuagin, but those in power and close to their foul gods know and opportunity when they see it and respect Malenti.

See Nymphs and Satyrs.

Skum have the sexuality of beasts with the sex drive of humans. When they have free time, they mate. Homosexuality is rare but tolerated.

The Slaadi are hermaphrodites, and have no sexual tendencies whatsoever, ranging from the deepest chastity to the most explosive nymphomania to the most twisted perversion. What they do have in common is their racial heritage. Once a ‘season,’ which means different things at different times, the Slaadi return to their primordial spawning grounds to mate and fertilize the egg sacs that they use to implant embryos in other creatures. Occasionally, however, Slaadi implant each other in their mating frenzy. Other creatures that attempt to mate with a Slaad claim, predictably, very unpredictable results.

Sphinx have enormous sexual drive but deny themselves any sort of sexuality out of fear that it would destroy their intellectual discipline as their minds fight between their bestial nature and their superego. They view any sort of unapproved sexual advance as attempted rape and punish it as such. Despite their societies deep rooted fear of baser urges, secret affairs between males, who have less self control than females, are common. The two lovers often hate each other for their weakness and depravity even as they love each other.

Sprites spend less time on actual sex than they do on innuendo, teasing, flirting, and other sexual activities that aren’t sex. They are all bisexual and prefer brief, scandalous affairs to healthy relationships. Playful, flirty creatures, they enjoy teasing creatures who cannot catch them by acting easy and then playing hard to get.

Titans are very free about their sexuality. They are often bisexual, and see sex as something to be enjoyed to the fullest, with everyone entertaining whatever turns them on most. They frequently have sexual spells in their spellcasting repertoire, and find nothing adverse in shapechanging into other forms to mate with different creatures. Although titans believe that things such as rape are horrible acts that deserve the harshest punishments, they have no compunctions about using spells that induce lust in a creature and then making sexual advances on them. They see this as merely helping to remove another's inhibitions, and that if the person truly doesn't desire sex, they will rebuff their advances despite being aroused.

Treants, being plants, do not breed, but being intelligent and somewhat humanoid, do have sexuality. They express this when two treants of different genders stand near each other, pollinate and bloom, and recite poetry, sing love songs, and praise each other in a strange form of courtship. They fertilize each other and deposit hundreds of trees, most of which are normal trees but one or two of which are treants.

Tritons, for reasons no one understands, are the only species besides humans to be truly sexually flexible, although they must face the limitations of their aquatic home. There has been much research in to this phenomenon but no cause has been found.

Troglodytes are patriarchal and have harms, where your status in the tribe is based (at least partially) on how many females are in your harem or how large a harem you belong to. Unknown to most, the stench that trogs emit during battle is their sexual pheromone - Trogs often fight to the death over each other’s harems, the winner gaining the harem of the loser and impregnating them all in a massive orgy. Because of this Troglodytes associate bloody combat with sex and become aroused by it.

Yuan-Ti are sensual, sexual creatures, having much of their human roots with the perversion of chaos and the depravity of evil. They enjoy mating and do so frequently, and they all enjoy the company of snakes. However, only Abominations breed true, and others can only breed with humans. They usually keep a stock of breeder slaves around for this purpose.

Vampires are filled with their own form of black life, and have a strong sexuality. They center it around their ability to create new vampires through draining blood, and are aroused and pleasured by this act. Vampires desire to seduce willing victims for their kiss of undeath, and prefer to do so with romance. They are not incapable of normal coupling, however, and do enjoy it on occasion. Whatever sexuality they had before remains largely unchanged.