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Chapter 8: Mundane Equipment/Clothing


Item Cost Weight
Bed, One Person 12 sp 75 lbs
Bed, Two- Person 22 sp 140 lbs
Bed, Heart Shaped 8 gp 160 lbs
Bed, Masterwork +420 gp N/A
Bed Canopy, Linen 100 gp 20 lbs
Bed Canopy, Silk 250 gp 10 lbs
Bedroll, Average 1 sp 5 lbs
Bedroll, Masterwork 2 gp 3 lbs
Couch, Roman 1 gp 20 lbs
Dildo, Small, Wood 1 gp *
Dildo, Medium, Wood 2 gp *
Dildo, Large, Wood 3 gp 0.25 lbs
Dildo, Small, Ivory 10 gp *
Dildo, Medium, Ivory 20 gp 0.25 lbs
Dildo, Large, Ivory 30 gp 0.5 lbs
Dildo, Masterwork +100 gp N/A
Leather Manacles 8 gp 1 lb
Leather Manacles, MW 80 gp 2 lb
Pillow, Cloth 2 sp 0.2 lb
Pillow, Silk 2 gp *

* indicates the item has negligible weight. 10 of these weigh one pound.

Bed, One Person: This is a wooden bed frame containing a tightly packed straw mattress. It tends to collect bugs unless the straw is changed out regularly, but it's comfy. It's sized for a single person. Alter the cost of a bed for different sized creatures as though the bed were a suit of armor.

Bed, Two Person: As a one person bed, but sized for two people.

Bed, Heart-Shaped: As a one person bed, but sized for up to three people and shaped like a heart.

Bed, Masterwork: Masterwork beds, instead of straw padding, have felt padding treated with an alchemical potion to ward off insects, and are extremely comfortable. Aside from being great spots for sex, they're excellent for bed rest, offering a +2 bonus to Heal checks for long term care to anyone who rests exclusively on a masterwork bed.


Item Cost Weight Type
Artisan’s Outfit 1 gp 4 lb. L
Cleric’s Vestments 5 gp 6 lb. M
Cold Weather Outfit 8 gp 7 lb. H
Courtier’s Outfit 30 gp 6 lb. M
Entertainer’s Outfit 3 gp 4 lb. L
Explorer’s Outfit 10 gp 8 lb. M
Monk’s Outfit 5 gp 2 lb. L
Noble’s Outfit 75 gp 10 lb. H
Peasant’s Outfit 1 sp 2 lb. L
Royal Outfit 200 gp 15 lb. H
Scholar’s Outfit 5 gp 6 lb. L
Traveler’s Outfit 1 gp 5 lb. M
Harlot's Outfit 6 gp 4 lb. L
Courtesan’s Outfit 60 gp 5 lb. M
Concubine's Outfit * gp 2 lb. Lc
Desert Outfit 6 gp 3 lb L
Bodysuit, Black 30 gp 1 lb. L
Eleborate Jewelry * gp 1 lb.  
Undergarments * gp 1 lb. Lc

*Cost is greatly variable

Rip DC
Lace (Lc)
2 rnd
1 rnd
1 rnd
1 hp
Light (L)
1 min
5 rnd
5 rnd
4 hp
Moderate (M)
2 min
1 min
1 min
8 hp
Heavy (H)
4 min
2 min
2 min
15 hp

Clothing that is Hastily donned might give a -1 to diplomacy and the like.

Remove times assume you are working quickly and not destroying the garment. If you have help, cut the time in half. Removing clothing is a full-round action.

It is possible to cut off clothing, this requires a standard action and must be done delicately (some kind of check) or you risk hurting the wearer. Each garment has hp equal, this includes ALL parts of the garment. Note that each clothing type above assumes that the one below it exists, thus, MODERATE clothing assumes you have a LIGHT and LACE on underneath, thus if 4 hp of MODERATE were destroyed, the person would now be wearing LIGHT (and LACE). It is also possible to completly rip off clothing all together. The RIP DC is a STR check against the listed DC, if successful, the person is now nude. (Optionally, for every DC 10 you make, you could rip down to the next layer, thus a DC 30 against HEAVY could reduce them to LACE...)

Any Sexual Prof is possible through LACE all at a -2 penalty. If the DM rules the LACE to be totally unabtrusive, such as a intercourse with the lady in nothing but a shift, the penalty can be reduced to a -1 or even 0.

Prowess checks can be made through LIGHT and MODERATE clothing, but only at the listed penalty and only those that don't involve oral or penetration. Prowess checks through HEAVY clothing types is impossible without special circumstances.

Exposing - It is possible to expose vital parts of the body so that prowess checks can be made with more freedom. By making a DEX check a single part of the body can be made accessible (these are usually the genitals, but the DM could rule otherwise). Exposing allows penetration and oral profs to be used, and halves the prowess penalty. If HEAVY clothing is exposed, the penalty is a -8.

Special Types of Clothing:

Sorn: I removed the Notes from the clothing table. I figure that it would look better if we simply incorporate this into the clothing description.

COMPLEX - Complex clothing has lots of strings, lace, ties, and is generally a pain to get into and out of. Complex clothing requires doubles all DONNING and REMOVING times and cannot ever be DONNED HASTILY. All EXPOSE checks have their DCs raised by 5 in complex clothing and the prowess penalties are increased by -2.

EASY ACCESS - These clothes are meant to allow people to gain sexual access to them. They are always considered EXPOSED, although the garmet DOES cover the vital areas in some fashion.