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Chapter 7: New Uses for Old Spells

Inventive spellcasters try to use their spells in many different ways. The following suggestions show you possible uses of old spells, with regard to our themse.

The spellcaster can use this spell to alter his form to up to ½ his body weight. He may use it to make his cock or her breasts larger, mold oneself in the general form that another person would find pleasing, or add a tentacle or second cock or an extra long tongue — the possibilities are pretty much endless for someone with a little imagination

Animal Shapes:
The caster assumes the form of a natural animal, for all the bestiality fans out there.

Animate objects:
Nominally an attack spell, this can be used to turn a simple ivory dildo into a frenzied, self-directing vibrator!

Animate rope:
Often used by those with a special liking for bondage, a rope that does its own hog-tie!

Arcane Eye:
Used by those voyeurs amongst the arcane spellcasters.

Arcane lock:
Prefered by husbands and fathers, to make those chastity belts. Others prefere to naje thoser manacles really hard to escape from.

Cat’s Grace:
This will add to the casters’ dexterity, with the obvious effects on his skills as secual partner.

Change Self:
This is much like the alter self spell, though it is only an illusion, therefore if you give yourself a tentacle, it would be for looks only but could not actually touch anyone. This would be better used when trying to pass yourself off as something your not, i.e, if the person you are lusting after has a thing for elves, then you can make yourself appear as an elf and this gives you a +10 modifier to your disguise roll to fool her.

Charm monster, person, or animal:
Any seduction attempt automatically succeeds as the victim will perceive your words and intentions in the most favorable way, unless it is something that is against their nature (i.e. a guy seducing a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian), in which case the spellcaster must win an opposed charisma check.

Another voyeuristic spell Arcane spellcasters seem to have a lot of thenm

The victim will obey to the best of their ability a one-word command. Strip would work, orgasm might not actually work, but as with the die! Command, would at least cause them to act as though they came, or maybe it would make them frantically masturbate until they did come or the spell ended (dm’s call) .

Command Plants:
This spell can be used to either entangle a victim with vines and hold them down like the animate rope spell, or have the plants "attack" and pleasure/ rape the victim. The commanded plants have a base pleasure skill check equal to half the spellcaster’s level. Since its an eighth level druid spell, the caster would have to be at least 15th level, which would be a pleasure check skill of 8 (rounded up).

Control Plants:
This is a lower-level version of the above spell and can be used to make vines entangle a victim and/or pleasure them. The plants will have pleasure check equal to +1 bonus for every three levels of spell casting ability.

Control Undead:
We don’t know why you would want to, but maybe if you were of high enough level, you could use to control a vampire and make them your sex slave for the duration of the spell and a realy dry, hard bone may even hold some pleasure for the lonely necromancer.

This cantrip befuddles the mind of the victim and prevents them from resisting for one round any pleasure check you make against them (i.e., they cannot make a save roll to avoid the affects of a successful pleasure check against them).

The spell caster sends a Suggestion of less then 25 words to any creature she knows and the creature will try and do fullfill it to its best ability (see suggestion spell). This can be used, for instance, to send a command to the queen of a neighboring kingdom to start masturbating right in front of her councilors, even when the spellcaster is no where near the scene.

Detect Thoughts:
Often used to read surface thoughts, maybe to find out what the victim’s turn ons are or if they are "in the mood." Sometimes helpful while having sex to improve the control of the pleasure centers.

Dominate Animal/Monster/Person:
These spells turn the victim into your complete sex slave for the duration. They will obey your very command as long as they can understand it, but they will actively resist, getting the initial save roll and an additional one for every action demanded that goes against their nature, so making that lesbian suck your dick will allow for a save roll, as well as when you tell her to fuck you. A successful seduction via a charm person spell may negate this and make them willing participants in whatever you request — dm’s final say.

Use this spell to make a victim feel lustful or in love, but it only lasts as long as the caster concentrates.

Adds a bonuses to the caster’s save rolls to continue fucking for an extended lengths of time, may also raise th pleasure threshold.

The caster can use this spell to make himself bigger, but can not be used to increase the size of a specific body part. It could be used to make the caster go from one size category to another (depending on their level and starting size), which may have effects on the size of their dick.

Evard’s Black Tentacles:
Do we really need to go into this one? The tentacles get one rank in pleasure skill per level of the caster.

Eyebite can be used like a charm monster spell

Feeble mind:
This spell is used in conjunction with a charm spell, and can turn the victim into a brainless bimbo. Often used by those who don’t require any intelligence from their sex slaves.

Geas/lesser Geas:
Here’s a fun one — the victim has to complete a task you set out for them. Lesser Geas got a save, the geas spell does not. Things like "you cannot wear clothing or refuse any sexual advances until you have fucked one hundred different creatures" or something like this line would be appropriate. This is a great spell for those with an MC bent.

Greater command:
Greater Command works just like the command spell, but affects an additional victim per level of the caster. A 10th level cleric could walk into a nunnery and command 10 of the inniates to "fuck!" though whether they would fuck him or each other would depend on each individuals’ inclination and opportunity.

Guards and wards:
Any victim who wanders into the 5’ square foot warded area must make a save or fall victim agains a suggestion spell, which may be to fuck the next person they see, strip because the suddenly feel very hot and the only way to relieve it is to masturbate, etc. See suggestion spell.

Creates the instant lubrication, good for all them sloppy needs.

Greater and lesser Planer Ally:
Used to summon a succubus or erineys to fuck if you are of an evil or chaotic alignment or serve such a deity

Greater and lesser Planer Binding:
See Greater and lesser Planar Ally above, except that it is used when you are not of the same alignment or do not serve the same deity as the summoned creatures.

Another one for the MC crowd. Mix this spell with a seduction attempt for almost guaranteed success, or use it to mold an inclination ("Kira, you like sucking my cock"). The way the spell is written, it moves the targets’ attitude two steps more friendly towards you. This will give you a better chance of them doing it. Even when the spell ends, their attitude towards you remains the same in regards to the command. So if Devis hypnotizes the haughty young daughter of a baron who is "Indifferent" towards him into blowing him, she will respond to his request as if she were "helpful". Once the spell ends, she goes back to being snobbily indifferent, but any request by Devis for her to suck him off would be met by a very helpful response.

This spell is used to inflict one of the sexual insanities or a sexual disadvantages (nymphomania, necrophillia, etc)

Another one for the voyeurs amongst the arcane fellows. Girl’s Locker room, anyone?

Will open those pesky chasity belts.

Mass Suggestion:
Do you want to start an orgy? Plant a mass suggestion in a crowded room that there is a major prize for the person who strips and fucks the most people that night.

Modify Memory:
Often used to make a victim forget that she was impregnated with a demon seed (gasp!, shocking), or implant a false memory. For example, Devis rolls a critical failure on a pleasure check and mortifies his lover and humiliates himself. He quickly casts modify memory and rewrites his lovers recollection of the event to make it seem like a critical success instead and the greatest orgasm of her life.

Use this handy cantrip to untie the laces on a busty serving wenches tight bodice.

Polymorph other:
Permanently alter the form of your victim—transform them into your ultimate dream lover.

Polymorph self:
Much like Polymorph other above, in respect to oneself and not permanent.

This oft mentioned spell allows you to influence the targets by recommending a course of action that seems reasonable, limited to one to two sentences. Telling a dedicated virgin to fuck you prolly wouldn’t work, but suggesting to her its only a dream so its ok and natural to have thoughts and do things like this and she’s not actually doing anything would work. So would telling her your dick is a lollypop (but don’t bite).

This spell creates an invisible dildo of force, one that can be used under cloths, too

Unseen servant:
The ultimate in masturbation (if you can call it masturbation), it can be used to suck a cock or pussy for as many hours as levels of the caster, or until dismissed. Or use it to tirelessly pleasure a captive chained in place.

More from Alzrius:

Binding: the chaining version of this spell can be used for bondage for purposes of sex.

Calm Animals: This spell merely pacifies animals, but does not necessarily incline them to view the caster as more favorable as a sexual partner. Attempting to mate with them where they do not desire it (that is, attempted rape) counts as a form of attack, and they may defend themselves as such while under this spell’s influence. Any form of mental arousal in the animal (Horny, Lustful, or Delirious) is negated by this spell.

Calm Emotions: While this spell does stop the object of sexual advances from becoming vehement in refusal, it doesn’t make them thusly more inclined to accept advances where they normally wouldn’t. Attempting to rape the target of this spell is an attack, and they may defend themselves normally while under this spell’s influence. Any form of mental arousal (Horny, Lustful, or Delirious) is negated by this spell.

Entangle: This spell is also useful for those who enjoy being bound…or for someone looking to subdue victims to sate themselves on.

Gaseous Form: One particularly odd fetish involves having a sexual partner actually inhale someone who has this spell cast on them! They always exhale the person before the spell ends (for fear of their life), but describe having someone else inside them as being a “wonderfully intimate and powerfully erotic” experience.

Gate: This spell can be used to open a gate to a succubus or erinyes to enjoy in bed. However, they are under no compulsion to come through the gate nor obey the spellcaster, making this spell not as useful as other planar summoning and controlling spells.

Gentle Repose: This spell is choice among necrophiliacs, since it keeps the corpse from decaying.

Hold Animal/Monster/Person: These spells paralyze victims, making them prime choices among sexual predators, since it keeps their victims still and unable to cry out. Most rapists love the sensation of power this gives them over their victims. Other times its used among couples as a show of intimacy, since one partner would have to trust the other very much to let themselves be paralyzed, since their partner could do anything with them…or to them.

Instant Summons: The perfect spell for summoning a much-loved sex toy into your hand.

Magic Jar: Jealous spellcasters have been known to use this spell to take over the body of someone that they themselves were spurned in favor of. In some cases, the spellcaster is content to just have sex with the desired person in the victim’s body, but other times they deliberately do things that will ruin the victim’s reputation so that the caster will then be seen as the more favorable choice.

Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion: Need a place to have a hidden tryst? This spell is perfect for a quick place to enjoy affection in private.

Major Creation: Virtually any type of sex toy can be created with this spell.

Minor Creation: Relatively small, simple sex toys, such as dildos, clamps, etc., can be created with this spell.

Reduce: The caster can use this spell to make herself smaller, but cannot be used to increase the size of a specific body part. It could be used to make the caster go from one size category to another (depending on level and starting size), which may have effects on the size of their vagina.

Telepathic Bond: Partners who are open with each other find this spell handy in the bedroom, as it allows them to communicate even when their mouths may be busy with other things. It’s also said to be very intimate to be able to speak telepathically to your partner while making love.

Unseen Servant: An unseen servant can be commanded to perform a carnal act, which it does with mindless repetition. However, for some lonely casters, the sensation of the repeated, single-minded stroking or rubbing is pleasurable enough, while others have it do something to themselves or a partner while engaged in sex, since the servant is invisible and shapeless.





Other Useful Spells
The following d20 products also contain spells which may be useful to a game that incorporates this guide:

Necromancy: Beyond the Grave (Mongoose Publishing)
Strike Barren. Victim rendered infertile. (Sor/Wiz 3)

Relics & Rituals (Sword & Sorcery Studios)
Commanding Presence. Subject gains 1d4+1 Charisma for 1 hour/level. (Brd 2, Clr 2, Drd 2, Pal 2, Sor/Wiz 2)
Intoxicate. Causes intoxication ability penalties and possible unconsciousness. (Brd 2, Sor/Wiz 2)
Rie's Dance of Seduction. Charms all who view the dancer. (Brd 5, Sor/Wiz 6)

Spells & Magic (Bastion Press)
Drinking Song. Makes listeners drunk while providing a temporary Charisma boost. (Brd 4)

Spells & Spellcraft (Fantasy Flight Games)
Dramatic Visage. Subject takes on a supernatural appearance, creating several effects. (Brd 2)
False Love's Kiss. Creates a waxy substance that works as a powerful charm spell on any subject the user kisses. (Brd 3, Sor/Wiz 3)
Voice of Authority. Grants the user a +10 bonus to all Charisma-based checks for 1 minute/level. (Brd 2)