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Chapter 6: Existing Classes

Sorn: these were written by Gez. As of right now, this still references Sex Tricks, which have been eliminated from the Prowess rules.

Mundane Classes

Mundane characters have no access to magical or psionic powers. They thus need to rely on raw skill to achieve memorable sexual prowess. For this reason, all mundane classes have Sexual Prowess as a class skill.

The regal king, the graceful princess, the charming prince, or even the dark-hearted queen with the Devil‘s beauty, lovely aristocrats are a staple of fantasy.

Aristocrats are naturally charismatic, and exerce all skills that allow them to increase their aura. They learn to inspire love and devotion in others, and sometimes even develop a cult of their personality. It is not surprising, then, that a aristocrats use these charming skills in the bedroom arts. Making love with an aristocrat is a honor and a privilege, and for all these reasons, aristocrats get the Smooth Lover sex trick at first level.

In most worlds, aristocrats are wed by their parents to other aristocrats they usually have never seen before, yet are supposed to stay faithful. Especially female aristocrats, who have the duty of bearing the legitimate children of their noble husbands. Male aristocrats can afford to be more lax in their demeanor, since the bastard children they may sire are not supposed to be noble heirs, so their bloodline don‘t have to be as clear and sure.

Lawful aristocrats tend to stay true to their consorts, while chaotic one have few qualms about making love with people they actually want to love (although they may try to avoid conceiving a child in these extra-marital intercourses). Good aristocrats have a soft spot for romance and may even allow their children to marry someone they love rather than someone‘s who would make a profitable ally for the family. Evil aristocrats know only greed, lust, envy and jealousy; and they tend to see every human relation strictly in term of power, making them frequent sadists.

Barbarians are fierce and wild, and live in harsh environments when only the strong and tough can survive. This make them an archetype of virility, even for female barbarians who tend to be blunt and tomboyish. Although they may be as romantic as anyone else, they prefer to harbor a rugged behavior and disconnect sexuality from sentiment.

To reflect the feral appeal barbarians may have, they get the Powerful Lover sex trick at first level. Some barbarians also learn to let their primal being fly during an intercourse. This is somewhat akin to the rage, a second state during which they let instinct take precedence over intellect. This grant them a +4 bonus to Strength and a +2 morale bonus on their Arousal check for the duration of the union (until the climax, or until an outside event force the intercourse to stop); however during this sexual frenzy, the barbarian can only perform one basic activity: penetrate or be penetrated. Furthermore, they have to use their Powerful Lover trick during this ability. Barbarians can go on sexual frenzy half as often as they can rage. At 15th level, barbarians have access to greater rage, and thus also to greater sexual franzy. Their Strength increase by +6, and their morale bonus on Arousal check becomes +3. Finally, at 20th level, barbarian males who have taken the Quick Recovery trick recover instantly.

Good barbarians frequently consider sex like a sort of mystical experience, a sacred duty to give life to new strong men and women. For this reason, they rarely like contraceptive methods, and usually only consider healthy and strong people as possible sexual partner. Evil barbarians nearly always consider sex as a reward for the victorious warrior, and as a right men have on their wives (as well as those of vainquished foes). Thus, they practice rape during war, and often wage war to capture women from other tribes.

From the stocky peasant to the famelic street urchin, from the grumpy miner to the greedy merchant, commoners can be anything and everything, but are never skilled at it (otherwise, they would be expert or from an adventurer class). Their sexual practice can be anything, including nonexistent. They don‘t get any sexual benefit from their class (save that Sexual Prowess is a class skill for them, if they have points to spend into), and no generalization can be made, except that they are usually not interesting lovers.

Like commoners, experts can be anything, and no general picture can be drawned. Except, of course, for those experts that specialize in the carnal arts. Like all mundane class, they automatically get Sexual Prowess as a class skill. However, if an expert actually chose it as one of its core skills, he‘s considered a sex expert. Sex experts can be prostitute, seducers, parts of a harem, or any other reason that make them devote their life to practicing sex. They get two bonus sex trick at first level, and their Sexual Prowess rank is always considered as being two points higher for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for sex tricks or prestige classes.

Most fighters devote their life to combat. Little else really matters. Sex is no exception – although it is the warrior‘s rest, sex is something that gets to be enjoyed in time of peace, not something that deserve true dedication. Fighters don‘t get any sexual benefit from their class, although swashbuckling fighters will probably invest a fair number of skill points into Sexual Prowess so as to build a flattering reputation.
Fighters are more diverse than the other, more specialized combat-oriented classes, but those with mercenary background tend to behave like evil barbarians.

Although monks should not be considered as mundane anymore once they are no more of low level, they still don‘t rely on magic for their special abilities.

Most monks forsake all sexual activities, channeling their sexual chi to put it to other uses. But some monks consider sex as an essential part of life, a spiritual exercise as important as breathing, eating, or drinking. Which means that it must be done, and it must be done healthily. Those monks that do not renounce sex make excellent lovers thanks to their training at mastering their body and enhancing their senses. Monks get the Insightful Lover for free at first level. By learning to more efficiently using sexual energies, and to channel chi to this end, monks also get a bonus to both their Sexual Prowess and Arousal checks equal to 1/5 their monk level, rounded down. Finally, the control of the body they learn allow them to get additional sex tricks. Every four monk levels, a monk may (but is under no obligation to) select a bonus sex trick among this list: Delay Orgasm, Disease Resistance, Enduring Lover, Instant Withdrawal, Maw Stuffing, Muscular Control, Oral Sex Focus, Orifice Stuffing, Position Focus, Quick Recovery, Responsive, Tantric Lore, Spiritual Lover, Stunning Pleasure. Monks selecting Stunning Pleasure as a sex trick may use Insightful Lover and Spiritual Lover rather than Powerful Lover and Forceful Lover. Otherwise, they must meet the prerequisites.

Good monks will try to make sex an enlightening experience for both themselves and their partners. They are usually deeply dedicated with pleasuring their partner and will shun unhealthy practices (sadomasochism, pedophilia, and beastiality are examples of what good monks refers to unhealthy practices). Evil monks may, to the contrary, seek these immoral sensations, searching „illumination“ at the detriment of others with no qualms.

The archetypical rogue has been raised in a decadent city, rife with prostitution, murder, and other crimes. Non-urban rogues frequently have a grim background also, often coming from bands of outlaws plaguing the roads and lands, stealing whatever they can and raping any woman they find. Exposed to the worst sides of human passions, trained at using these passions to their advantage, rogues are characters with a wide sexual potential.

Rogues gain +2 synergy bonuses to their Sexual Prowess check if they have 5 ranks in Bluff or Sense Motive. These bonuses stacks.

Furthermore, a rogue‘s sneak attack class ability reflect that rogue‘s extensive knowledge of anatomy. Although this knowledge is primarily used for hurting people during a fight, rogues with an active sexual life develop it in other ways also – how to better stimulate erogenous zones, for example. This can allow rogues to get a +1 synergy bonus point for every die of sneak attack damage they are capable of inflicting.

Chaotic rogues are frequently free-spirited seducers, accumulating conquests as much as they can. The rare lawful rogues are typically people that are rejected by society, but who only want to get accepted. As such, a common dream is to find a sister soul in the established society; and once found they rarely stray aside, fearing to be rejected once more. Evil rogues often find sadistic uses to their science of anatomy. When working in criminal organizations, these evil rogues are typically tasked of breaking the will of the poor girls (and boys) the maffia send to the street. Good rogues oppose this kind of practice.

What can be said of fighters can be said of warriors too. Warriors are just less focused on, and less talented for, combat than fighters.

Arcane Classes

Arcane characters wield a magic based on knowledge or instinct, and powered by strength of will. For some arcane casters, especially among bookish wizards, magic becomes the only drive, replacing all other lusts in their now a-human minds. These are the most likely to sacrifice everything for their research and achieve lichdom. Arcane casters that keep a sane and normal mind will, to the contrary, seek to use their magic to the betterment of their other cravings. Bards, whose magic is based on beauty, charm, and passion, are the most likely to walk this hedonistic path. Unless otherwise stated, Sexual Prowess is not a class skill for arcane classes.

A wandering jack-of-all-trade, thriving on his wits and smile, searching and spreading beauty and art, bards are obviously a class for seducers. Able and willing to inspire or convey powerful emotions through their performances.

Sexual Prowess is a class skill for bards. Bards may choose „Erotic Arts“ as one of their performance type with a rank of Perform. If they have 5 ranks or more of Perform, they will then get a +2 synergy bonus to their Sexual Prowess checks. Bards also gain access to these two new bardic performances.

Pillow Talk : A bard with 6 or more ranks in Perform and that have chosen Erotic Arts and Poetry as performances can charge magical power to the sweet nothings whispered on the pillow. This affect the bard‘s sexual partner (or possibly partners) in a way similar to inspire competence (+2 competence bonus on Sexual Prowess checks), but the supernaturally sweet flattery whispered by the bard make the experience more rewarding as well, granting the bard a +2 circumstance bonus on his own Sexual Prowess checks. This supernatural, mind-affecting, language-dependant effect can be maintained for a number of minute equal to the bard‘s Charisma, and don‘t require concentration.

Erotica : A bard with 12 or more ranks in Perform can infuse a group of people with an enhanced desire for sex. The bard begins to tell one of 1001 tales having to do with erotic pleasure. After only a minute, everyone hearing him must make a Will save (DC 10 + half the bard’s level + the bard’s Charisma modifier) or become aroused. 5 minutes after failing the save (which must be made every minute), anyone under the effects immediately loses all modesty and engages in sexual activity with the nearest person, regardless of gender or current 'engagements'. The effect lasts until 1 minute after the bard ceases to speak. This is a supernatural, mind-affecting, language-dependant effect.

Evil bards frequently enjoy using their mastery over other people‘s feeling to seduce already wed persons and sow discord in couples. They themselves rarely stay engaged for long, as they care only about their own pleasure and don'‘ try to satisfy their charmed lovers. Good bards like to help lovers get united (for example, by writing and teaching love poem to a shy suitor; or by softening the hearts of disagreeing parents with a romantic love story), and are themselves frequently romantic in their flirts.

For sorcerers, magic is innate – it‘s in their blood, it‘s in their body. Their intuitive magic makes them the most likely to understand this other powerful magic of the body, sex; as they feel striking similarities between the pleasure coming from a successful spellcasting and an orgasm. Even sorcerers who don‘t practice formalized sexual magic – sexual spells as those described in Chapter 6 of this book – instinctually create minor magical effects on their own being, strengthening their sexual capacities.

Sorcerers get the Sexual Prowess skill as a class skill. They get a growing synergy bonus to their Sexual Prowess checks, representing the myriad of small magical effects they unconsciously provoke. The bonus start at 1 and is increased by one at each Sexual Prowess roll they make while they‘re at least aroused, with a maximum equal to the highest spell level they can cast.

Sorcerers vary wildly in behavior, even inside a same alignment, but tend to be extremely passionate lovers.

Wizards are a diverse bunch. Of all classes, this is the most likely to produce asexual characters, over-intellectualizing their mind and forsaking all passions but magic. But on the other hand, several wizards are well-known for their debauchery and the amount of spells geared toward sexual activities they‘ve made.

Lacking an intuitive grasp of magic, they have to find or devise specific spells to enhance their sexual prowess – and they often do so, especially in their younger years.

Abjurer: With their focus on protection magic, abjurers are frequently strong proponents of safe sex. Those with ranks in Sexual Prowess get Resist Disease as a free sex trick when they reach 5th level.

Conjurer: Conjurers can‘t get rid of the various gossip about the reason they learn to summon erynies and succubii.

Diviner: Diviners are as frequently asked as clerics about unions and pregnancy. Are both spouses fertile ? Will the pregnancy be successfully carried on ? Will it harm the mother ? What sex will be the baby ? They of course use their talents to search the answers when they are themselves concerned by these questions.

Enchanter: Enchanters, like bards, like to manipulate people‘s mind, but they do so in a less subtle way, with spells rather than art. They are the most likely to use Charm spells rather than courtship and foreplay; but on the other hand they are often more talented for social skills than other wizards.

Evoker: Specialist of flashy, unsubtle magic, frequently focused on destructive spells, evokers are among the least sexually inclined of the wizards.

Illusionist: Illusion being a mastery over someone‘s sense, illusionist are frequently gifted lovers, giving intense sensations when lovemaking, having beautiful and healthy features, and a very soft, sensual skin. At least when they have cast their spells. Some also use glamers or phantasms for displaying erotic scenes, or use shadow magic to give a quasi-substance to their fantasies.

Necromancer: Sex is what living beings do in order to create other living beings. For this reason, most necromancers proud of their trade dislike sex. Some, however, have minds disturbed enough to indulge in the dark fetish of necrophilia. At 10th level, a female necromancer could infuse enough energy in a male corpse to get pregnant from it. Technically, the reverse could be possible, however a fetus would never develop in a dead womb.

Transmuter: Transmutation magic is about modifying properties of creatures or objects. Along wih enchanters and illusionists, they are the most likely to use spells to enhance their sexual experience and that of their partners.

Sorcerers, wizards, and adepts all have access to familiars. A familiar is, in most respect, an extension of its master. Yet, it is also a distinct being, with its own body and personality. The ambiguous nature of familiars has often impredictible effects on the love life of its master. A mage‘s wife, for example, may be jealous of the familiar; feeling a greater, deeper love between that beast and her husband than between him and her. A familiar may also share its master‘s sentiments toward the master‘s loved one, a situation that could cause several other problems, from an unconscious rivalry between master and familiar to the familiar showing an inappropriate behavior.

If both in the couple have familiars, the two beast will like each other deeply, petting and grooming each other, and – if sexually compatible – imitating their masters when they make love. Sexual compatibilty of familiar imply similar size, similar phylum, and similar enough specie. An owl and a raven may be compatible, but a cat and a rat are not, and a tiny viper and a toad even less. Familiars are homosexual only if their masters are also.
In case of incompatibility, the familiars will content with petting and grooming, but will not mate.

Divine Classes

Divine characters are blessed with the most exhaustive spellcasting capacity possible. This give them a fair supply of spells they can easily use to better their sexual experience, or that of others. For this reason, they rarely feel the need to develop other specialities. Unless otherwise stated, Sexual Prowess is not a class skill for divine classes.

Adepts usually hail from recluded villages or primitive tribes. In these places, they replace the more skilled clerics, druids, and wizards in their role of healer, wiseman, and advisor. Thus, they frequently serve as mid-wife, and people turn to them for filters of love or other amorous and sexual troubles.

Spells of level 1-5 from the Midwifery and Seduction domains are added to their spell list at the same level.

The sexuality of the adept vary wildly depending on the place and individual. In some traditions, they reject it for themselve (even if they still help other people with their sexual problems); while in others they ritualize it in eldritch ceremonies (who do not need to count more than two participants). In places where the local adept is seen as a witch and threatened to be lynched by an angry mob at the first bad weather, it is not unusual for her to trade sexual favors for protection. Evil adepts may reverse this situation, and blackmail people they are attracted to with threats of various curses if their lust is not satisfied. Lawful adepts are the most likely to reject sex, and nearly always ritualize it otherwise. Chaotic adepts are known to modestly call „ritual“ what others would call orgies.

Although several classes don‘t have a stereotypical approache of sex, clerics are the hardest to pigeonhole, as each deity, each ethos will have a different take of it. Frequently, this take will simply be to ignore it alltogether, as the mystical love of a god is greater than the physical love of flesh.

For this reason, the cleric class don‘t get anything special, however clerics have access to several sexual spells, and clerics from deity of love or lust may take the domains presented in this guide. The cleric‘s amorous and sexual behavior depends on that cleric‘s faith.

Druids have, like clerics, access to several useful spells. In addition, their exhaustive knowledge of all natural things allows them to tell whether a partner is infected by a venerian disease; and they get the Resist Disease trick for free.