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Chapter 5: Pregancy

All of the common humanoids give birth to live young, and must allow their child to develop before this. The mechanics below give a model for determining duration and effects of pregnancy in those creatures that follow this pattern. Other creatures, such as bestial humanoids with reptilian or avian taints, are best left to the DM’s discretion.

Pregnancy lasts a basic time of seven months. Add one month for each size category above Medium-size and deduct one month for each size category below. Divide the racial Adulthood age found in Chapter 5 of the PHB by ten, round to the nearest whole number, and add this in months to the total. Table 5-02: Pregnancy Duration gives the value for the common humanoids.

Table 5-02: Length of Pregnancy

Race of Mother
Length of Pregnacy
9 months
11 months
18 months
10 months
9 months
8 months
8 months

The duration is calculated according to the race of the mother, as it is essentially her body’s capability to nurture the child that determines how long pregnancy lasts.

As the child develops, the mother finds herself becoming increasingly encumbered by the additional weight and bulk of the child she is carrying. Consult table X-XX: Pregnancy Effects and calculate how long it is before the birth of the child to give the mother’s maximum Dexterity bonus, Spot DC to notice pregnancy, and other complications.

Table 5-03: Pregnancy Effects

Duration before Childbirth
Spot DC
Max Dex
More than 9 months


Less than 9 months
Less than 8 months
Less than 7 months
Less than 6 months
Heavy armour must be refitted
Less than 5 months
Less than 4 months
Less than 3 months
Cannot run, Medium armour must be refitted
Less than 2 months
Land speed –5ft.
Less than 1 month
Land speed –10ft.

Until childbirth, the mother and child are considered to be the same entity. Attacks, spells and other effects cannot affect the child unless specifically stated otherwise. However, certain events can pose a threat:

Massive Damage
Should the mother suffer massive damage (see DMG for details) and succeed at the check to avoid death, she must make another Fortitude save (DC 15) or miscarry.

Poison and Disease
If the mother takes Constitution damage, she must also make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + total Con damage dealt) or miscarry. Permanent ability damage dealt by poison or disease will also be applied to the child after birth. If the mother is suffering from a disease at the point of birth, the child will also be affected.

Obviously, any event that ends the life of the mother will also terminate the pregnancy. Raise dead will restore the mother to life, but the child will be stillborn. Resurrection and true resurrection restore life to the mother and child.

If the mother miscarries or dies, the child is automatically killed unless childbirth is expected in less than a month; in this case the child survives, but is likely to require assistance.