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Chapter 1 - New Skill: Prowess

This skill is in addition to the skills normally available to characters, as found in Chapter 3 of the PHB.

Use this skill to bewilder your sexual partners with an array of exotic techniques. Prowess is a class skill for all characters.

As with the Perform skill, each rank in Prowess grants you a sexual proficiency, either physical or mental, within which you can apply your rank bonus to checks - you may not use your Prowess rank bonus for any application for which you do not have the appropriate proficiency.

For example, three ranks in prowess could allow a character to be proficient with Masturbation (Male), Penetrative (Matrimonial), and DSM (Domination). These three proficiencies would allow the character to add their +3 rank bonus to a Prowess check; all other proficiencies would be with a +0 rank bonus instead.

Special: Regardless of circumstances, it is impossible to take 10 or take 20 on a Prowess check, due to its unpredictable nature.

Below is a concise list of the different proficiency groups covered by the GUCK, followed by individual proficiencies in brackets. Some proficiency groups end with an ‘etc.’, in which case you are free to concoct additional proficiencies, provided they remain in the nature of the group. Below each proficiency group is a brief description of what it entails, and the modifiers for different Prowess DCs (see The Prowess Check for details).

Physical Proficiencies:

Caress (By type - Breasts, Erotic Massage, Stroking etc.)
Gentle touches, brushes and strokes of the anatomy.
Aroused -0, Peaked -2, Climaxed -10, Ecstatic –10

Exotic (By orifice - Anus, Breasts, Thighs etc.)
Intercourse involving a nonvaginal orifice.
Receiver: Aroused -10, Peaked -2, Climaxed -0, Ecstatic –0
Thruster: Aroused –5, Peaked –10, Climaxed –10, Ecstatic -10

Masturbation (Male, Female)
More forceful manipulation of the sexual organs, with some limited stroking of erogenous zones.
Aroused -5, Peaked -0, Climaxed -0, Ecstatic -5

Oral (Cunnilingus, Fellatio)
The application of oral sex on women and men, respectively.
Aroused -5, Peaked -0, Climaxed -0, Ecstatic -5

Penetrative (By position - Cross, Frontal, Half-facing, Inverted, Matrimonial, Negresse, Rear, Riding, Scissors, Standing etc.)
Vaginal intercourse, separated by specific position.
Aroused -10, Peaked -2, Climaxed -0, Ecstatic -0

Toys (By item - Dildos, Fruit, Wands, Wizards' Staffs, etc.)
Similar to masturbation, but with the use of an item.
Aroused -10, Peaked -2, Climaxed -0, Ecstatic -0

When a partner is using a Penetrative or Exotic technique against them, characters always make a Prowess check back, if only by virtue of just lying there (this is regardless of whether or not the partner wishes to). If they do not add their rank bonus to this reflexive roll, this ‘passive’ check is considered a free action and does not impose any penalties against any other Prowess checks they may wish to make that extended round.

Prowess checks using the ‘Toys’ proficiency require an appropriate item for use as a sexual aid. Using an inappropriate item incurs a –2 circumstance penalty for poor quality tools and may incur consequences under the Size Matters rules, whereas using an ideal item for the job gives a +2 circumstance penalty for excellent tools.

Exotic proficiencies are listed as having two sets of modifiers: the ‘Receiver’ set is used as a modifier for Prowess checks made against the thruster, and the ‘Thruster’ set is used as a modifier for Prowess checks made against the receiver.

Mental Proficiencies:

Bondage (By type - Contortion, Hanging, Inverted, Ties etc.)
5 or more ranks in Use Rope provide a +2 synergy bonus to this proficiency. Subjects may be bound with a successful (DC 10/11) use of this proficiency. They then receive the kink modifiers associated with bondage for further arousal.

DSM (Domination, Submission)
5 or more ranks in Intimidate provide a +2 synergy bonus to the Domination proficiency; 5 or more ranks in Sense Motive provide a +2 synergy bonus to the Submission proficiency. Subjects may be turned on by your dominating or submissive performance with a successful (DC 10/11) use of this proficiency. They then receive the kink modifiers associated with domination or submission (respectively) for further arousal.

Dirty Talk (By approach - Filthy, Sweet, Poetic, etc.)
5 or more ranks in Innuendo provide a +2 synergy bonus to this proficiency, and 5 or more ranks in Diplomacy provide an additional +2 bonus; these bonuses stack.

Erotic Dance (By type - Lapdance, Poledance, Striptease, etc.)
5 or more ranks in Perform (dance) provide a +2 synergy bonus to this proficiency. If you incur a –4 penalty, all people within 30ft with clear line of sight may be affected by your check.