< Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
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Introduction - How to use this book

This book is intended for both DM's and players. Given the subject matter, you should consult everybod in the group to see if they are comfortable with sexual material being used in the game.

Chapter 1 contains new uses for existing skills, as well as the Prowess skill.

Chapter 2 introduces new feats, and Carnal Arts for the advanced student in sexuality.

Chapter 3 will help you customize your character beyond height and weight with sexual orientation and sexual likes and dislikes.

Chapter 4 provides rules for intercourse and other sorts of fun activities.

Chapter 5 deals with the repercussions of sexual encounters by providing rules for both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Chapter 6 gives you new prestige classes as well as notes on existing classes.

Chapter 7 introduces new spells and exciting new uses for old spells.

Chapter 8 handles equipment, both mundane and magical.

Chapter 9 has notes on the sex life of various fantasy races, plus general advice on sexuality in your campaign.

Chapter 10 rounds out this book with new monsters.